“Pink Sugar” Body Bar

“Pink Sugar” Body Bar


Our Pink Sugar soap is a fan favorite in the 'ville, and as always, gentle enough for any skin type.  Made with the saponified oils of Olive, Coconut, Castor, and sustainable Palm; colored with mica; and scented with pure, phthalate-free fragrance oil.  This bar smells just like it sounds - pink and sugar-y... with lots of vanilla! 

While- no- it's certainly not "pink" like it seems it should be... This bar proves to be a perfect example of how handmade soap can, sometimes, have a life of it's own.  Orginally supposed to be a solid pink bar, but because of the vanillin content in the fragrance oil, this bar turns to its dark brown hue during cure time.  However, once you smell it - you wont mind the color a bit!  Grab one while you can!  These are very popular!


**Please note:  Due to cure time being 3-4 weeks, if we are low on stock, your soap order may take a little longer than expected.  We will certainly inform you in the event that we have to remake this bar.

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    All bath and body product sales are final.

  • 99% Natural

    Because this soap is scented with fragrance oil, it is 99% natural.