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      Hey, Villagers!  My name is Shelby Rust.  I am 36 years old.  I am a full-time Psychology student, mommy, personal trainer, soap-maker, entrepreneur, home-maker, and wife with a very hungry appetite for cosmetics, soaps, and all things crafty and NATURAL. 

A little bit about me:

I started selling Mary Kay makeup nearly two decades ago, as a sort of side job/hobby/feed-my-makeup-addiction-for-half-price type of deal.  I LOVE makeup!  I also really love soaps, and body scrubs, and any type of good smelling moisturizer I can get my hands on... I would literally LIVE for payday so I could purchase any new product to feed my cosmetic addiction... I was/am obsessed with new products!  

I never paid attention to the ingredients in all of these everyday products... and then... fast forward a decade or so, and I had kids.

I worried about their tiny-little-freshly-made-skin and all the butt pastes, shampoos, and lotions that a new mom typically receives at baby showers... I started doing my own research, reading blogs, and filling my head with all sorts of naturally healing elements, ingredients, and world-wide-web info...

I discovered essential oils and their potential for having certain "magical" healing powers.  Slowly, but surely, I became a firm believer in this crazy, wonderful, alternative, natural, and holistic way of living.  I still believe in,  and use certain pharmaceuticals when they are desperately needed, especially in allergy and cold season!   However, I am always sampling new products, recipes, and anything all natural so I can "try" to strive for a healthier way of living and show my family the benefits of using natural products.

After experimenting with a few DIY body butter recipes, and playing around with my essential oils,  I finally created the perfect healthy, safe, harsh-chemical-free products!  As a mother of two "young-uns", my main concern is making sure my family gets the best possible personal hygiene care, with only the best ingredients. 

A little bit about Rustville:

Over the past year, I opened a little storefront in a historical, Main Street building in our tiny all-American town - Pittsburg, Texas! 

I am constantly searching for new ideas for homemade, healthy, high quality soaps and other products.

At Rustville Essentials' Soap Shop, I work my fingers to the bone to create happy, smell-good, healthy soaps and personal products for the entire family to enjoy.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram, or check back here often, for updated and revised items, and completely new stuff!  Products change with the season, as do prices, so you will not find a price-list here.  Just call or message with inquiries, and I will be delighted to help you find which product is right for you.

*All Rustville Essentials" products are handmade with all natural ingredients, including 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.  Essential oils contain very highly concentrated properties of the flower or herb they are derived from...so, a little goes a long way!  I test, research, and revise my products until I feel they are absolutely first class quality.  Testing happens on friends and family, not on animals!! 

**All products and ingredients used and/or available are not certified, nor am I stating or guaranteeing these products will heal, treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease or ailment.  Each of the products have been personally tested and used on myself, family, and friends.  Even though the ingredients are all natural, there is always a possibility you could have an allergic reaction to any one of the ingredients.  Please be aware of your own health status and allergies, and use Rustville Essentials products at your own risk.  If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult a doctor prior to using essential oils.

Made in the U.S.A.

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Thank you for visiting!!  

Our little Soap Shop is located at 120 Quitman Street, Pittsburg, TX 75686.  Shop main phone: 903-708-7519.  Please see "store hours" page for our operating hours.  Hope to see you soon! ;-)  

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