Oatmeal Milk Honey Goat's Milk Soap


Rustville's Oatmeal Milk Honey Goat's Milk soap is made with fresh, raw, unfiltered and local goat's milk.  Scented with pure, paraben/pthalate-free fragrance oil; and made with cocoa butter, grapeseed, olive, palm (sustainable), and coconut oil; and colored with Rhassoul clay and colloidal oats.  You can't get any better than this if you're searching for something to soothe and nourish sensitive skin.... Well, I take that back - ALL our soaps will soothe and nourish sensitive skin, but this one just has that added nourishment factor of the goat's milk and colloidal oats!  Smells just like it sounds - sweet honey, creamy milk, a dash of vanilla, with toasty oats.  It's the perfect scent for anyone that loves the vanilla, sweet, and creamy scents... not at all fruity or floral.  This one sells fast!  Grab one while you can!  

  • Refund and Return Policy

    All bath and body product sales are final.

  • 99% Natural

    Because this product is scented with a frangrance oil, it is 99% natural.

  • Final product may look different than pictured.

    Because these products are made from scratch, and by hand... each final product varies slightly.  Colors, botanicals, layers, and swirls in your actual product may look slightly different than the product pictured.  Some pictures may have several quantities of the product pictured for visuals and marketing reasons, however, the listing for each product is for "one" unless specified in the detailed description of that product.

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