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BATH BOMBS (5 oz.)

BATH BOMBS (5 oz.)

PriceFrom $8.99

Rustville Essentials' Bath Bombs are made with the usual, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sweet almond oil and epsom salts for nourishment, mica or clays for color, and fragrance or essential oil for scent. Our bath bombs are usually garnished with herbs, botanicals, grains, or salts for decoration, and sometimes for added skin-therapy.

🛁💣 Bath bombs are explosive little balls of fun! Simply draw a hot bath, unwrap and drop the entire bomb into the water, then, sit/soak/relax/enjoy as it fizzes and dissolves adding nourishing essentials to your water.

⚠️ Always use bath treats with caution… tubs may become slippery after use. ⚠️

Rustville’s phthalate-free •Fragrance oil-scented• bath bombs are scented with pure fragrance oil blends - making THE perfect product for a luxe, end-of-day, spa-like treat for simply chillin’ in the tub, and getting your bath-time “ME” time!

Our •Essential Oil-scented• bath bombs are scented with 100% pure essential oil or essential oil/fragrance oil (EO/FO) blends - making THE perfect bath-treat for everything from de-stressing, to helping with achey, sore muscles and joints, to simply just relaxing after a long, hard day at work.

Relax, Reset, REPEAT!

  • 100% Natural

    This product is 100% natural.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    All bath and body product sales are final.

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