Calendula Bergamot Soap


Calendula Bergamot soap is perfect for any skin type, and is gentle enough for the whole family, as well as those of us with sensitive skin.  Calendula is said to be one of the most powerful herbs in the natural healing world, full of antioxidants, and numerous other benefits.  Calendula oil speeds healing time, aids in skin health, prevents aging, helps various chronic illness.  Calendula oil is popular for people struggling with chronic pain, skin irritation, wrinkles, age-related blemishes, wounds, cuts and scrapes, eczema, arthritis, and so much more!  The list of benefits could go on and on!  This soap is made with the saponified oils of Calendula-infused Olive, Coconut, Castor, and sustainable Palm; colored with mica and clay, scented with Bergamot essential oil, as well as pure, cruelty free, and vegan fragrance oil, and garnished with organic Calendula petals.  This bar has a wonderfully uplifting scent of fresh squeezed orange juice, orange blossoms, and Bergamot.  The perfect scent to start your day!


**Please note:  Due to cure time being 3-4 weeks, if we are low on stock, your soap order may take a little longer than expected.  We will certainly inform you in the event that we have to remake this bar.

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  • 100% Natural

    This product is a 100% natural bar of soap.

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