“Sweet Pea” Body Bar

“Sweet Pea” Body Bar


Sweet Pea soap is a very mild soap... and the fragrance is just like it sounds - sweet, floral, and fresh!  This one takes me waaaaay back to when I was a teenager, and spent most of my allowance money in Bath & Body Works.  Sweet Pea was my all-time favorite scent out of that entire store!  This one sure comes close to BBW's Sweet Pea, although - in my personal opinion -  ours might be a tad bit better ;-)

This bar is gentle enough for sensitive skin, just like the rest of Rustville's soap.  Made with the saponified oils of Olive, Coconut, Castor, and Palm (sustainable); colored with mica and clay, and scented with pure, vegan, and cruelty free fragrance oil.  

Be sure to pair this bar with one of our Sweet Pea bath bombs, for the ultimate bathtime duo... <3

  • Refund and Return Policy

    All bath and body product sales are final.

  • 99% Natural

    Because this product is scented with a frangrance oil, it is 99% natural.

  • Final product may look different than pictured.

    Because these products are made from scratch, and by hand... each final product varies slightly.  Colors, botanicals, layers, and swirls in your actual product may look slightly different than the product pictured.  Some pictures may have several quantities of the product pictured for visuals and marketing reasons, however, the listing for each product is for "one" unless specified in the detailed description of that product.