“Spring Rain” Bath Bomb

Rustville Essentials' Bath Bombs are made with the usual, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sweet almond oil and epsom salts for nourishment, mica or clays for color, phthalate-free fragrance oils, or essential oils for scent.  Our bath bombs are sometimes garnished with herbs, botanicals, grains, sweets, or salts for decoration, and added skin-therapy.   Bath bombs are explosive little balls of fun!  Simply draw a hot bath, drop the entire bomb into the water, enjoy as it fizzes and dissolves adding nourishing essentials to your water.  Careful, as tub may become slippery after use.  We like to add a natural emulsifier to our bombs to help the oils and color go down the drain with the water, so you don't have to clean up a huge mess after all that awesome relaxation!  You're welcome.  ;-)Spring Rain bath bombs smell like fresh rain on a field of jasmine and a hint of grass.  Fresh, green, and ever so slightly floral.  A best seller! 

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