"Sinus Blaster" XL Shower Steamer (Shower Fizzy)

"Sinus Blaster" XL Shower Steamer (Shower Fizzy)


Rustville's Shower Steamers are NOT to be confused with bath bombs... These are to be used for aromatherapy ONLY.


Our Shower Steamers are made with sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, mica or clays for color, and TONS of essential oil for aromatherapy.  Our Shower Steamers will last much longer if you do not set them DIRECTLY in the water.  We recommend situating your steamer at the far edge of your shower floor, or even on a shelf or ledge inside your shower.  Then, gradually sprinkle water onto the steamer, allowing it to slowly dissolve, filling your entire bathroom with aromatherapy.  Careful, as shower may become slippery during use.  


** Shower Steamers are NOT to be used in a bath, or on your skin.  These have a much higher content of essential oil.  Please use only as directed.


The "Sinus Blaster" Shower Steamer is packed FULL of Eucalyptus essential oil, with a splash of Lemongrass essential oil.  Eucalyptus, alone, is great for congestion, cough, and colds... But when you pair the two essential oils together, and add steam - you create a SERIOUS sinus blaster!  You will definitely want to stock up on these during the cold and flu seasons.  


You're welcome (-:


Rustville's Shower Steamers are quite large.  Most shower fizzies arent even a whole ounce, sometimes you can find them around 2 ounces. We wanted something that you could get more than one use out of, so we made our "Shower Steamers" a whopping 3.5 - 4.25 ounces each!  Keep an eye out on the website, as we have lots of ideas for this product line, including smaller options, shapes, and various scents!   

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    All bath and body product sales are final.

  • Shower Steamers vs. Bath Bombs

    Shower Steamers are created for aromatherapy purposes ONLY.  

    DO NOT use Rustville's Shower Steamers as a bath bomb. 

    Shower Steamers have an extremely high content of essential oil, and should not be used on a large portion of your skin ( via soaking in a tub).