“Sandalwood Vanilla” Shea Butter Body Bar

“Sandalwood Vanilla” Shea Butter Body Bar


Sandalwood Vanilla soap is a Shea Butter bar that is perfect for any skin type, and has an extra creamy, lotion-like lather.  This soap was made for a man or woman, and makes an excellent shave bar!  Shea Butter bars are made with saponified oils of Olive, Coconut, Palm (sustainable), and 35% premium Shea Butter; colored with titanium dioxide, clay and activated charcoal; and scented with a pure, pthalate-free fragrance oil.  


*Please note:  Due to cure time being 3-4 weeks, if we are low on stock, your soap order may take a little longer than expected.  We will certainly inform you in the event that we have to remake this bar.

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    All bath and body product sales are final.

  • 99% Natural

    This product is a 99% natural bar of soap.