Body Polish (In-store pickup ONLY)

Body Polish (In-store pickup ONLY)

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***Due to the main ingredient- 76 degree coconut oil, we can NOT, and will not ship this item in the spring/summer months.   For the purpose of quality control, we can only offer in-store pickup, at this time.  If you purchase the Body Polish and do not select “in-store pickup” at checkout- we will remove this item from your order and refund the product amount to you.  Thank you for understanding.***

Product Description:

Rustville’s Body Polish is a sugar scrub with an extra lux feel!  Each Body Polish includes premium, naturally refined, Shea butter, as well as grape seed oil, two different grain sizes of pure cane sugar, 76 degree coconut oil, vitamin e, pure fragrance and essential oil, colored with mica or clay, and garnished with organic botanicals.  Whipped to perfection- our Body Polish is jarred in a large, 8 ounce jar, and a little goes a lonnnnng way!   

Use as you would normally use a sugar scrub... in the shower on feet, elbows, legs, arms, neck, etc.  With a small amount, scrub in circular motions, GENTLY, on desired area, and rinse off with warm water.  Pat dry with a towel, and either leave as is, (which should be an amazing, silky feel) or follow up with one of Rustville’s Body Butters or Hand & Body Lotion. 

We currently have a few different options:

Smells exactly like a freshly cracked, tropical coconut, and topped with toasted coconut flakes.
“Pink Sugar” 
Looks and smells like cotton candy! A fan fave, for sure! 

“Grapefruit Lemongrass” 
Scented with a pure grapefruit fragrance oil, plus lemongrass essential oil. Very fresh and citrusy! A summertime delight! 

“Rosemary Mint” scented with Rosemary and Peppermint essential oil.  Very invigorating!