Acne Spot Treatment

Acne Spot Treatment


Acne Spot Treatment is a product that has the potential to help with those stubborn blemishes that pop up at the most inappropriate times!  


**Active Ingredients**

Inside this tiny, 10 millileter tube, is a blend of acne-fighting essential oils, including tea tree and rosemary, along with a 2% ratio of Salicylic Acid - one of the world's most powerful acne busting ingredients, all wrapped up in a calendula-infused olive oil base.   


The most important thing to understand about this product is that it is a "SPOT" cream.  **This is not a cream that you apply all over your face.**  The complete instructions are listed on the product label.  We recommend reading the instructions as many times as needed, prior to use, for full understanding of how to use this product efficiently and safely. 

For a quick run-down:

Wash face thoroughly with Rustville's Frankincense and Myrrh Charcoal FaceBar. Allow skin to dry completely prior to applying treatment.

Apply a tiny dot of treatment to the immediate blemish ONLY, and allow treatment to fully absorb prior to adding any other type of cream or moisturizer.

Repeat as needed. 




This product works best if you apply to the blemish once it appears on the surface of your skin - or once they become full and painful...  It can be tempting to "squeeze" to relieve the pressure of these types of blemishes, but please understand - If you mash (squeeze) the blemish, the product will take much longer to work, and will make the blemish area look much worse than prior to using this product. 


Following these exact instructions - not mashing or breaking the skin - will result in the **active ingredients** included in this product, taking much less time to dissolve the painful oil and grime buildup under the skin (puss), resulting in a flat, barely-there appearance much sooner than expected.  Results not typical or guaranteed.  All skin types are different.  Some cases may take longer than others. 


**Products containing Salicylic Acid are not recommended for darker skin types.  This ingredient can cause discoloration in those skin types if not used properly.  Never go outside in the sun after using any product with Salicylic Acid or photo-sensitive essential oils.


This product and these statements are not FDA approved.   

Rustville Essentials, LLC. is not intending to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or ailment.  These statements and products are only suggestions to help aid customers with the use of the essential oils and other ingredients present in each product.  All products and ingredients used and/or available are not certified, nor are we stating or guaranteeing these products will heal, treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease or ailment.  Each of the products have been personally tested and willingly used by our staff, family, and friends. 


Even though the ingredients are natural, there are always possibilities for allergic reactions to any one of the ingredients.  Always test a small patch of skin on the underside of forearm prior to using any product with unknown reactions. 

Please be aware of your own health status and allergies, and use Rustville Essentials, LLC products at your own risk. If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult a doctor prior to using essential oils or products containing essential oils.